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Brady was founded as the Robert J. Brady Publishing Company in Bowie, Maryland more than 30 years ago. Every aspect of publishing was done in one house (editorial, art, production, sales, warehousing, shipping), and they concentrated on Fire and EMS materials as well as a limited computer line. Prentice Hall purchased Brady and in the early 1970s and moved the company to New Jersey, While the Brady family sold its computer line to another company (these books still carry the Brady imprint and are still in production).

In the meantime, Morton Publishing started publishing EMS books and in particular, three major texts—Hafen & Karren's Prehospital Emergency Care, Hafen & Karren's First Responder, and Greenwald's Paramedic Manual. These texts were the first in EMS to use 4-color printing, and were eventually sold to Brady/Pearson. Other franchise titles carried by Brady from very early on are Emergency Care (now in its 11th edition) and Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology (now in its 8th edition). Brady has also published several Paramedic texts with Bledsoe, Porter & Cherry since the mid-1980s. Currently, Brady publishes more than 200 titles and is the #1 publisher in EMS today.


Brady is part of Pearson – one of the world's great publishers. We publish more books than any other company and we reach millions of people every day, in print and online. Our higher education publishing brands—Addison-Wesley, Allyn & Bacon, Benjamin Cummings, Longman, Merrill, and Prentice Hall—have earned the trust of educators and students because of their commitment to accuracy, integrity, and independence of thought. materials within all disciplines of higher education.

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