Master Educator Webinar Series

Master Education Webinar Series
Webinar TitleAuthor/Speaker
Click Here Help with the accreditation process, self-study & site visit processRandy Benner
Click Here Building a virtual classroom using Brady’s Virtual EMS AcademyKelly Kirk
Click Here Touring and active online classroomChris LeBaudour
Click Here Orienting instructors to the new level of teachingMelissa Alexander
Click Here Clinical Tracking ToolsRandy Benner
Click Here Teaching patient assessment in new education standardsDan Limmer
Click Here Teaching with Cased-Based ScenariosScott Snyder
Click Here Creating Effective Lesson PlansDick Cherry
Click Here Problem Based LearningMelissa Alexander
Click Here Teaching Generation X & Y in the same Classroom!Jeff Lindsey
Click Here How to teach your course Online with Brady’s CourseCompassChris LeBaudour
Click Here Checklists for Instructor CompetenciesDick Cherry
Click Here Instructor competency checklistsMelissa Alexander
Click Here Test Item WritingJeff Lindsey
Click Here Using Case Based Scenarios in the classroom w/ Student DemoScott Snyder