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Audio Lecture & Study Guide: EMT-B

Audio Lecture & Study Guide: EMT-BPhysical Product

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This product consists of several CDs that enable users to study and review anytime, anywhere. It supports the core concepts learned in class in an engaging, easy-to-use format. Top EMS authors and instructors present material in a consistent, relevant, and entertaining style. Each lesson includes:


  • Objectives--what users will hear/learn in the upcoming lesson;
  • Overview--states the importance and relevance of the material;
  • Core material--discusses important points and relating these to real practices and personal experience;
  • Wrap-up--quick and relevant summary of lesson contents;
  • Take-home points–lists the need-to-know points for each lesson.

Table of Contents

CD 1 Introduction/Preparatory

Introduction to the Lecture Series

Introduction to EMS Systems

The Well-Being of the EMT


The Human Body

Baseline Vital Signs & Sample History

Lifting and Moving Patients


CD 2


Airway–Part 1

Airway–Part 2


CD 3


Scene Size-up

Initial Assessment

Focused History and Physical Exam–Trauma

Focused History and Physical Exam–Medical

Ongoing Assessment



CD 4

Assessment, cont.


Medical Emergencies

General Pharmacology

Respiratory Emergencies

Cardiovascular Emergencies


CD 5

Medical Emergencies, cont.

Diabetic Emergencies/Altered Mental Status

Allergic Reactions


Environmental Emergencies


CD 6

Medical Emergencies, cont.

Behavioral Emergencies

Obstetrics/Gynecological Emergencies

Trauma Emergencies

Bleeding and Shock


CD 7

Trauma Emergencies, cont.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Head and Spine Injuries


CD 8 Infants and Children

Infants and Children


Ambulance Operations

Gaining Access

Special Operations

Exit to the Lecture Series


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