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Audio Lecture & Study Guide: EMT-B

Audio Lecture & Study Guide: EMT-BPhysical Product

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  • Friendly, engaging presentation by top authors and lecturers
  • Presents important-to-know information with real-life examples and experiences
  • Format allows for study anywhere, anytime
  • Prepares users for tests, quizzes, and state and national exams

This product consists of several CDs that enable users to study and review anytime, anywhere. It supports the core concepts learned in class in an engaging, easy-to-use format. Top EMS authors and instructors present material in a consistent, relevant, and entertaining style. Each lesson includes:


  • Objectives--what users will hear/learn in the upcoming lesson;
  • Overview--states the importance and relevance of the material;
  • Core material--discusses important points and relating these to real practices and personal experience;
  • Wrap-up--quick and relevant summary of lesson contents;
  • Take-home points–lists the need-to-know points for each lesson.

Table of Contents

CD 1 Introduction/Preparatory

Introduction to the Lecture Series

Introduction to EMS Systems

The Well-Being of the EMT


The Human Body

Baseline Vital Signs & Sample History

Lifting and Moving Patients


CD 2


Airway–Part 1

Airway–Part 2


CD 3


Scene Size-up

Initial Assessment

Focused History and Physical Exam–Trauma

Focused History and Physical Exam–Medical

Ongoing Assessment



CD 4

Assessment, cont.


Medical Emergencies

General Pharmacology

Respiratory Emergencies

Cardiovascular Emergencies


CD 5

Medical Emergencies, cont.

Diabetic Emergencies/Altered Mental Status

Allergic Reactions


Environmental Emergencies


CD 6

Medical Emergencies, cont.

Behavioral Emergencies

Obstetrics/Gynecological Emergencies

Trauma Emergencies

Bleeding and Shock


CD 7

Trauma Emergencies, cont.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Head and Spine Injuries


CD 8 Infants and Children

Infants and Children


Ambulance Operations

Gaining Access

Special Operations

Exit to the Lecture Series


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