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International Trauma Life Support for Emergency Care Providers and Resource Central EMS -- Access Card Package, 7th Edition

International Trauma Life Support for Emergency Care Providers and Resource Central EMS -- Access Card Package, 7th EditionPhysical Product

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Conforms to the newest AHA/ILCOR guidelines for emergency cardiac care.

Updated and refined to reflect the latest and most effective approaches to the care of the trauma patient.

·        The discussion of hemorrhagic shock has been updated with the experience of the military during the recent conflicts.

·        Recent studies on chest wall thickness and the current controversy over which site to use to decompress a tension pneumothorax are discussed.

·        Procedures have been added for use of a tourniquet and use of hemostatic agents.

·        Insertion of an IO needle by use of the EZ-IO system has been added.

·        A discussion of blast injuries has been added.

·        The latest recommendations for post-exposure prophylaxis have been updated.

·        Personal watercraft injuries has been updated and expanded.


Other general changes include:

·        The addition of Key Terms.

·        New case presentations for all chapters.

·        Updated Bibliographies.

·        Many of the illustrations have new photos or have been redrawn for a more up-to-date look.

·        New Resource Central solution on www.bradybooks.com for interactive learning exercises on topics discussed. Students will find quizzes, additional web links, games, videos, and more to supplement classroom learning. Through Resource Central, this text also offers instructors a full complement of online supplemental teaching materials such as test banks and PowerPoint lectures to aid in the classroom.


Hallmark Features:


Throughout the text, hands-on exercises—help learners practice their knowledge and skills on simulated patients.

·         By the end of the course, learners should feel confident in their ability to provide rapid lifesaving trauma care.

This proven training book—has been at the forefront of trauma education at all levels of pre-hospital emergency care worldwide for more than 30 years.


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For more than 30 years, International Trauma Life Support has been at the forefront of trauma education at all levels of emergency care worldwide. This practical, hands-on training offers a complete reference covering all skills necessary for rapid assessment, resuscitation, stabilization, and transportation of the trauma patient. Updated with new photos and the latest approaches to the care of the trauma patient, this seventh edition conforms to the most recent AHA/ILCOR guidelines for artificial ventilation and CPR.

Table of Contents

1.      Scene Size Up

2.      Trauma Assessment and Management

3.      Assessment Skills

4.      Airway Management

5.      Airway Skills

6.      Thoracic Trauma

7.      Thoracic Trauma Skills

8.      Shock

9.      Vascular Access Skills

10.  Head Trauma

11.  Spinal Trauma

12.  Spinal Trauma Skills

13.  Abdominal Trauma (Sample Chapter)

14.  Extremity Trauma

15.  Extremity Trauma Skills

16.  Burns

17.  Pediatric Trauma

18.  Geriatric Trauma

19.  Trauma in Pregnancy

20.  The Impaired Patient

21.  Trauma Arrest

22.  Standard Precautions

Resource Central:

Optional Skills

Communications with the Receiving Hospital

Multi-Casualty Incidents and Triage

Documentation: The Patient Care Record

Role of the Medical Helicopter

Trauma Scoring in the Prehospital Care Setting

Drowning, Barotrauma, and Decompression Injury

Injury Prevention and the Role of the EMS Provider

Trauma Care in the Cold

ITLS Access Overview

Tactical EMS

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