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Strategic & Tactical Considerations on the Fireground and Resource Central Fire -- Access Card Package, 3rd Edition

Strategic & Tactical Considerations on the Fireground and Resource Central Fire -- Access Card Package, 3rd EditionPhysical Product
  • By Jim P Smith
  • Pub. Date: Jul 26, 2011 by Prentice Hall.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-283006-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-283006-5

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For courses in college fire science courses, or at a fire training academy.


Blending theory with personal experience, Strategic and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground, Third Edition, features over 40 years of author experience. Using a systems approach, the text covers not only tactics, but also <

Hallmark Features:

 Offers a lifetime of real experience–for students to apply in their firefighting career.

·    Author, Chief James P. Smith, imparts his 41 years of experience in a large metropolitan fire department as a firefighter and fire officer who achieved every civil service rank and held the highest rank of deputy chief for over 20 years.

·    It is further bolstered by the authors 25 years of classroom experience to students throughout the United States. Chief Smith offers not only his personal experience, but has enlisted firefighting strategies and situations from experts from across the nation. 

·    Written to relative NFPA Standards, and follows FESHE Course Objectives and Outcomes.


Ideal for use in college fire science courses, or as a guide for fire officer promotional studies.

·    Written for firefighters by a seasoned veteran officer with a focused approach that offers a consistent theme that discusses strategic decisions as well as tactical operations.

·    It discusses, in easily understood language, what needs to be accomplished for safe and successful operations.

·    It contains systems that prepare a firefighter for handling a wide variety of situations on the fireground.

Strategic and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground 3/e


Every day, firefighters everywhere work in uncontrolled environments unlike any other occupation. With this in mind, author, James P. Smith, offers over 40 years of meaningful, hands-on experience in the third edition of Strategic and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground, using a systems approachto guidereaders through the multiplicity of emergency situations they face daily. From preincident planning to incident scene control, this new edition, written to the FESHE curriculum guidelines and outcomes, includes updated information on incident command, scene size-up, and natural disasters, and features more On-Scene stories, Key Terms and Review Questions throughout. Paired with ResourceCentral, a dynamic, all-encompassing online supplements portal for students and instructors, this complete program guides readers through the process of problem identification and solution response and prepares fire service professionals to confront the endless variety of challenging situations they face in their career.


Features Include:

  • Up-to-Date information meeting the FESHE guidelines for Strategies and Tactics
  • Revamped material on high-rise firefighting, including standpipe and sprinkler information, and incident command
  • Expanded information on developing an Incident Action Plan—and the use of the Planning P for all hazards incidents.
  • Updated, relevant coverage on School Violence and the need for fire departments to work with police to assist in handling these violent incidents
  • New On-Scene stories reflecting the author’s vast experiences as well as significant incidents from other locales
  • Thoroughly updated art program
  • Introduction, Key Terms, and End of Chapter Review Questions throughout to reinforce student learning and retention
  • New ResourceCentral solution offering unique book-specific online resources for both students and instructors in a user-friendly format, including review questions, matching, and video clips for the student and Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint, Online Courseware and Test Banks for the instructor

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Preparation

Chapter 2: Management Tools

Chapter 3: Decision Making

Chapter 4: Company Operations 

Chapter 5: Building Construction 

Chapter 6: Building Collapse and Scene Safety

Chapter 7: Special Situations and Occupancies

Chapter 8: Health Care and High-Risk Populations

Chapter 9: Commercial and Industrial

Chapter 10: Technical Operations

Chapter 11: After the Incident

Product Type: Physical Product

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