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Prehospital Emergency Care, 9th Edition

Prehospital Emergency Care, 9th EditionPhysical Product

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Objectives form the basis of each chapter and were developed around the Education Standards and Instructional Guidelines.

Key TermsPage numbers are included to identify where each key term first appears in the chapter.

Media Resources

Media exercises for weblinks, animations, and videos related to chapter content can be found under mykit for this book at www.bradybooks.com.

Case Study and Follow-Up

Located at the end of the chapter Navigation Guide, a Case Study draws students into the subject and creates a link between the text and real-life situations and experiences. The Case Study Follow-Up at the end of each chapter emphasizes key concepts learned and in-depth resolution.

Assessment Tips

Clinical insights that EMTs often learn over time. These enable the EMT to more accurately conduct an assessment and interpret the findings.

Understanding Body Processes

This feature highlights the body processes that cause the conditions found by EMTs, creating the in-depth understanding that helps providers make the right decisions for patients.

Drug Profiles

Provide medication name, indications, contraindications, medication form, dosage, administration, actions, side effects, and reassessment on medications commonly administered by EMTs.

Emergency Care Algorithm

Emergency Care Algorithms are graphic pathways that visually summarize assessment and care steps for students.

EMT Skills

Now all located at the end of each chapter, EMT Skills present key information and step-by-step procedures for easy reference.

The most complete resource for EMT-B training, this best-selling, reader-friendly book contains clear, step-by-step explanations with comprehensive, stimulating, and challenging material that prepares and equips users for real on-the-job situations. With its use of the case study model, state-of-the-art scans, algorithms, protocols, and the inclusion of areas above and beyond the DOT protocols, this new, 9th edition of Prehospital Emergency Care prepares users for success. The assessment and emergency care sections provide the most up-to-date strategies for providing competent care; and the enrichment sections further enhance readers' ability to assess and manage ill and injured patients in prehospital environments. Topics covered include an excellent introductory section that contains an overview of the human body, baseline vital signs, history taking, and ethical and legal issues. Subsequent chapters cover the airway; patient assessment; medical, behavioral, and obstetrics/gynecology; trauma; infants and children; operations; and advanced airway management.

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